Giving Tuesday 2021

We are grateful for the generosity of people like you, who share the needed resources that make it possible to transform the lives of precious children.

Our house parents work hard to care for our children. They sacrifice their energy and time with their family for the kids every day. During the COVID lock-downs, it became more apparent that we need to do more in the personal areas of our house parents. It was obvious that we need to provide more adequate spaces for them and their children if they are going to be able to continue to bless the children in the homes.


We need your help as we are expanding the living quarters at the Emanuel house and the Jireh house and are looking at what can be done in each of our homes to provide better spaces for the house parents and their families. We are excited about this because the personal area for them and their families is really too small.

While we continue to make essential updates to the children's living quarters, our house parents need the same kind of care in order to have the proper physical and mental endurance to have a home with peace and harmony. 

This year we have a church that is MATCHING EVERY DOLLAR  donated to continue to improve each of our homes!! 

Will you join us with a special gift to help make essential updates to our homes so they can have the physical and mental endurance they need?!