short-term mission trips

The purpose of Niños’ Short Term Mission (STM) Trips is that you would experience first-hand participation in this ministry. Our desire is that you would return home excited about foreign missions and consider future involvement with Niños or another mission work.

The staff of Niños wants you to realize how important you are in assisting with God’s ministry in Mexico. Niños is grateful for your efforts to encourage the kids and staff. Niños is blessed by your sacrifice of personal time. Thank you for the gift of service and willingness to help share with others how God is working through Niños.

mission trip goals

1) We want you to be able to meet all our kids and staff members.

2) We want you to be able to learn about Mexican culture.

3) We want you to be able to serve through a work project.

It is our hope that God will be honored in several ways because of your STM trip to Mexico: We know you will be encouragers to those in Mexico. Your group will help with projects too large or difficult for our staff to complete, and your efforts will save us time and financial resources. God’s kingdom will expand because of our unified efforts and it is our hope that God will change your heart towards missions while molding you into a better servant in your church community.

Come to Mexico for a week, be changed for a lifetime!

before you go