we need your help

You are a critical part of the ministry of Niños de México! We love you and appreciate you! 

We are VERY THANKFUL that God has protected our homes from serious problems from the virus over the past two years! However, we need to tell you how this has affected the ministry.

Travel outside of the US, has been seriously impacted in 2020 and now in 2021. In 2020, we had only one work group and this year we ended up with only four groups. This has made our ability to do all of the maintenance and upkeep on our properties difficult

We normally have about 20 groups join us in Mexico every year! That is somewhere around 180 people each year. They come to share their talents and abilities, and love on the children in the homes for the week that they are in Mexico. These groups also contribute nearly $50,000 per year, specifically to help us with the maintenance and upkeep in all of our homes and facilities. They often help us with remodeling or construction projects. Their hard work and time is always a great blessing to the kids and the staff!

Many of the group members begin sponsoring children through our HUGS program. Without these groups, the number of new sponsorships is also way down.

Would you consider a year-end gift to help us offset the support that these groups would have contributed? When you give, you are sharing God’s love through your gifts!

Privacy Statement: We want you to know that we do not share your information with anyone else. Niños de Mexico does not store any of your credit card information.

THANK YOU For Your Generosity

Our children are very thankful for your desire to help with their education!