Help Niños help kids with therapy needs!

The ministry of Niños de México is in the business of taking care of children. We can’t do anything about inflation, earthquakes, viruses, unemployment, politics, or even wars! One thing we can do is provide specialized therapies for the children that need them. 

Joshua is a great kid that lives at the Esperanza home. He came to us in 2019 and he is almost seven years old. He needs continuing language and occupational therapy. He has trouble expressing himself. This causes a lot of frustration for him, his houseparents, and others when this blocks communication. It also leads to problems in school including his studies, and motor skills, and at times even opens him up to bullying! 


Last week, his house mom told me that she has six more kids who need this type of specialized therapy! And that’s just ONE house! Joshua and others will receive the therapy they need, but this drains our resources, including our cash on hand. When we have issues like this it is a blessing that we can turn to YOU!

You are a critical part of the ministry of Niños de México! We love you and appreciate you! We are VERY THANKFUL that God has included loving people, LIKE YOU, with generous hearts in his plan to provide for all of the needs of each child!

Like Joshua, the lives of the children in our care are transformed. They go from being unwanted to getting the help they need to succeed. Ultimately, they learn about the many ways that God loves and cares for them.

We always want to be prepared to bring more kids into our homes. We never want a shortage of resources to prevent us from helping children that are living in desperate situations. Can you provide new hope and a new future for the kids who are being cared for by Niños right now and those who will be welcomed over the coming months?

They’re counting on you!