New girls home in puebla

We are excited to announce the establishment a new girls home near our Casa de Niños boys home in Puebla.


Since the merger with Casa de Niños in 2015 we have seen the need for a girls home in the same city as the boys home. The majority of children we receive come as a part of a sibling group – from 2 – 7 kids. All of our homes are separated by gender, and lacking a home for girls, the sisters end up living in different cities. This distance has been an obstacle to keeping a close family bond.


Because of the distance that Casa is from the majority of our homes, it offers safety to boys who could be in danger by being in close proximity to the people that have hurt them. By placing these children in a home several hours away, they have the freedom to begin to heal, without the worry of being found.


The Casa de Niñas/New Life girls home was established in 2019– near the Casa de Niños home in Puebla. 

Besides allowing these brothers and sisters the opportunity to spend more time together, this new home also allows us to welcome in children from other cities where there are children in great need.