help our children get back to their classrooms!

After a year and a half of attending classes virtually, the kids are gearing up to return to their classrooms!  They are extremely excited as they look forward to seeing friends and teachers again.


They did well during this difficult last year, but they are really, really, ready to get back to school. Needless to say, the house parents are ready for this as well!


Your help is needed today! New uniforms will be needed for all of our kids and that is going to take a lot of time and money. The new school year starts on August 30th, and that day is going to be here quickly. Each child will need three uniforms, tennis shoes, dress shoes, a backpack, and other school supplies. 

Right now we are serving 119 children and we are estimating that the average cost per child will be $250.00.  That is a grand total of $29,750!  Your help is really needed!


Education is the key to equipping these children for their future, and with it, they will be able to accomplish their goals and reach their full potential. They must be prepared to provide for themselves and their future families and break through the cycle of poverty.  


You’ll love helping the children get back to their classrooms, prepare for their future, and impact their culture for the Kingdom of God!

We are grateful for your support!

Privacy Statement: We want you to know that we do not share your information with anyone else. Niños de Mexico does not store any of your credit card information.

THANK YOU For Your Generosity

Our children are very thankful for your desire to help with their education!