we need your help

Thank you for bridging the gap to help fund children like Kevin and Carlos who call Niños de Mexico their home!

We have a terrific child sponsorship program in place, and many of you are a part of that, but the reality is only half of the actual cost of caring for all of the children in our homes comes from sponsors. Another large portion come through general fund gifts!

Here’s the bottom line.  


Just a few weeks ago we added seven girls to the New Life home in Puebla. They were in a children’s home that was not taking care of them! We didn't hesitate to say that we could help these girls have a new chance at life!


You can make a difference. $14,700 is needed to cover six months of expenses of bringing these girls to safety. Please prayerfully consider this need!


Your help is urgently needed to cover these expenses so we can focus on the future. The future is the next child that needs happiness to take the place of the hopelessness in their lives!

We are grateful for your support!

Privacy Statement: We want you to know that we do not share your information with anyone else. Niños de Mexico does not store any of your credit card information.

THANK YOU For Your Generosity

Our children are very thankful for your desire to help with their education!