vbs/missions kits

Approximately 20,000 homeless children live in Mexico City. All of these children have experienced great loss and hopelessness. Please join us as we follow the story of how God put a family together at our Emanuel home. God took a group of abandoned, abused, and heartbroken children and let them experience His love for them. The DVD series will allow your children to see the transformation that occurs when God places children in our care. You will see first-hand how God places these wonderful but broken hearted children into our homes and introduces them to a home with a warm place to sleep, food on the table, loving houseparents, and a life changing relationship with Christ. 

There is no charge for this kit. The kit includes a DVD (five daily segments, with a sixth overview segment), a 2017 calendar, and display items. There are suggestions for offering time that will excite your children about helping others in need. 


Please feel free to contact us with any questions at (636) 583-2000 | nancy.sachs@ninosdemexico.org